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I am going to help you become an informed and educated consumer. I believe that informed people are not only in better positions to make better decisions but make for better customers. Since we operate Angels Cleanup on the win-win concept, this process starts by helping you make informed decisions as well as creating a foundation of trust between us. This page is dedicated to helping you understand the role professional detailing services provide in maintaining the beauty and value of your vehicles.

Custom Detailing

Detailing in Orange County means delivering services in a way that simplifies your world, not complicates it. We all live busy lives, and it seems to only get worse! The novelty and convenience of mobile detailing is obvious. What is not so obvious is who we can trust when it comes to our vehicles and our choice in professional detail services. Without some level of trust, no relationship can begin let alone mature into something of value.

​Shopping for Value

What you value may not be what the next person values. Cost is only one of the many factors that should be considered when shopping auto detailing prices here in Orange County; many other points should be factored into the final decision. Follow along as I speak from experience and take you through a few points to consider.

Time is Money

Most of us are very familiar with the adage Time is Money. What most people aren't familiar with is attaching an actual value to their time. Are you putting a value on your time to search out the cheapest detail service in town? Or the value on your time to take your vehicle to a fixed location only to have it tied up for hours at which point you get to spend more of your time picking it up? It pays to have Mobile Detailing. 

Superior Techniques

As people, we like the ability to compare apples to apples, but unknowingly end up comparing apples to oranges. This is easily done when shopping detailing services here in Orange County, by comparing the detailing times and techniques between one company and another. Here at Angels Cleanup we are continually perfecting our systems to deliver more, in less time. The only way to do this is through superior techniques; techniques that get us from point A to point B not only quicker, but with better results!

Superior Results

Results don't lie! Either you can produce them or you can't. As the customer, ultimately you are paying us to produce results. While the obvious results can easily be seen with shiny paint and clean interiors, the intangible results can easily be overlooked. The difference really is "in the details", and all the many nuances that deliver an experience that not only leaves you smiling well past the initial experience, but keeps you coming back for years! After all, it is life-long customers that really keep our business alive and thriving!

Protecting your Investment

Modern performance and luxury cars can cost as much as a house, yet lose their value quickly due to poor care. Even when cared for, the cars can lose their value if treated incorrectly. Every time a car is washed with a bucket and sponge, there is a risk that microscopic grains of dirt are being rubbed into the gleaming paintwork, causing swirl marks. With Angels Cleanup, your investment of regular treatments will preserve the quality of your car's paintwork, ensuring that depreciation is kept to a minimum when you decide to sell it. There's nothing like a swirl free finish to make you fall in love with your vehicle all over again.

​Key Points to Consider as a Potential Customer:

  • How old is your vehicle and how many miles are on it? 
  • Has it ever had a detail or when was the last detail job performed on your vehicle?
  • Does your paint have visible problems that concern you such as scratches, swirl marks, spider-webbing, etc.?
  • Do you smoke in your vehicle?
  • Do you allow pets in your car and have pet hair throughout your car?
  • Are there any significant liquid spills or stains in your car's interior?
  • Do you have excessively dirty leather?
  • Do you have multiple kids with their accompanying food and drink spills?
  • Have you driven through wet road paint and have paint splatter along the side of your car?
  • Have you driven through fresh road tar and have excessive black road tar splatter along your car's paint?
  • Do you have paint over-spray on the outside of your car?

Any of the above listed conditions or variables may affect the final price of your detail service. Because of this, I ask initial questions on the phone when scheduling appointments. We try to assess your particular situation so we can decide the most appropriate service for your vehicle.


My customers tend to be people who place a high value on their time, want to maintain the value of their cars, and want their lives to be interrupted as little as possible. If you find these are the same things you value, then perhaps we are the car detailing service of Orange County for you. When you are ready, after looking at our services, contact us and we will communicate with you to assess the particular needs you have.

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